Leave No Trace Program


Mar 24, 2017
At any scouting camp out, we did patrols of the area for litter, picked it up, it being ours or not, and properly dispose of it. I am waiting for the time my boys start scouts, cause I will gladly be that dad to volunteer for each camping trip, and share my knowledge with the next generation.


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Aug 24, 2009
We teach the LNT to our troop as well. When I was backpacking with the scouts we (the leaders) strongly taught LNT. We did not have campfires though when we backpacked. Teaching them to stay on the trails, meadow walk when there are no trails and pickup trash when they see it. If the tents were set up on grass, they were taught to fluff up the grass before we moved on. If they see something interesting along the way "Leave it" so others can see and enjoy it.

Picking up the trash is commendable. Staying on the trails if there are trails is recommended. No campfires and fluffing up the grass? A giant leap over the deep end.


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Dec 15, 2015
I came across the LNT program when it was just getting introduced back in the mid 90's. I took a semester course with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) that essentially dropped us off in the wilderness of Wyoming, Utah and Colorado for weeks at a time. We'd meet at a determined spot on the map and get picked up and taken back to the NOLS base in Lander, WY. Then we'd take a shower, repack more food and head out again for another 3-4 weeks. One of the best experiences I've ever had. Still use those same LNT principals today. It's good stuff.


'96 ColemanCheyenne - '14 Tacoma 4X4 DBL SR5 6spd
Dec 15, 2015

I was up at PSC, 1999-2001!!
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Great to see another that was / is or from within the blue line!!

Trina Martinez

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Jul 2, 2017
So agree. I've been dispersed camping since I can't remember. Was taught leave it cleaning then you found it as well. So disappointed when we just did our last trip to Whitehorse Lake just outside of Williams,AZ. My husband and I went for a hike someone had left a toilet, yes a porcelain toilet, behind. Unbelievable. Went to the lake trash left there. Went to Sycamore Falls trash left there. So dissapoiting. Cleaned up eveything but the toliet. Unfortunately no way for us to take out.

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