Lift System Crossroads - New C&R vs Old LW


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May 16, 2015
Hey all,

This past weekend we purchased a 1991 Coachmen Clipper Popup for a great price. We were planning on buying it as a project anyway, then when we got there to buy it, one of the lift arms was stuck in the up position. So the seller knocked a third of the price and we took it as-is, and our project got quite a bit larger in scope.

This weekend I started the removal process of all the interior components so I could get full access to the lift system and this is what I found:


Broken eye bolt

I am not averse to ordering the new bracket, and while I have the system open I can replace the cables, apply lubricant throughout, etc. Before I do that though, I am considering installing the C&R Lift Kit that is mounted on the outside, meaning I wouldn't have to worry about the internal lift components.

Is it worth taking the time to repair the existing LW Lift System, or pay a little more and get the C&R Kit? I like the idea of not having to build new cabinets around the cable channels inside the camper as that space could be put to better use elsewhere I think.

So should I go with the C&R or stick it out with the LW?


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Jun 9, 2006
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At one time I owned a Viking sp 185, and had the same problems. The bracket let go cause it is not anchored well enough in the floor, or sidewall. Check the floor where it is anchored for rot. Also check the sidewall, chances are that the lag that holds the bracket is into just a small corner of wood. I would beef that up. While you've got everything apart, look at the rollers that the lift cable goes through. If they are plastic, chances are they're worn out. Go to the hardware store, and get some steel ones. Make sure that the springs are in good shape, and the track liners are good. Good luck


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Aug 2, 2011
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That corner bracket issue is pretty common and as was already stated, they're not usually very well anchored. Same goes for the bent/broken eye bolt. Pretty typical if a cable binds in a pulley, slug binds in the floor track or a push rod binds in the lift post.

In most cases, the corner brackets are not too difficult to straighten out or you can pick up a new one at,, eBay, or at any Jayco, Viking or Coachmen dealer.

If you want to replace your nylon pulleys, HomeDepot or Lowes sell 1" steel patio door rollers. They have ball bearings in them and they're pretty cheap too.


May 22, 2013
I put a sandwich of plate steel above and below the floor to support new bracket I bought. Not hard to do at all with 2 people. Just a little time consuming but very rewarding. When it works, it works well. I installed a winch to do away with the cranking too!


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Jun 2, 2014
C&R for the win. I just ordered one myself. I have messed with the L&W long enough. I saw an older camper with the C&R and the owner said he'd never go back to old lift system because of all the hassle he had with it. I am actually considering ripping out all of my L&W system since I don't plan on using it ever again.