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    Spent a 3 day weekend at the end of July. Just wanted to take a break and go to the beach and do a little kayaking.

    We were in site 33 close to the boat ramp. Sites were smaller but with good shade. They looked like they were cut out in between the oaks. The sites beside the ramp are pretty much full sun.

    The bathhouse was clean but could use some work. The shower rods were just resting on top of the walls and they do not have any soap. Not even to wash your hands. Just remember to take some extra.

    The creek at the site goes dry at low tide. Plan your kayak or paddle board trip accordingly. There is a kayak rental place just before the campground. We had a good time but had to walk the kayaks across the sandbars to get back.

    The beach is across the road from the campground. We usually pick this as our go to beach and was part of the reason we camped here. Depending on which parking lot you choose it may be a long walk to the beach. The end lot is less crowded but is a long walk. We do love this beach though. We usually go in the afternoon and stay until sunset.

    The closest store is Harris Teeter at Amelia Island. This is your last chance to pick up food before you get to the campground. They do not have a regular camp store.

    Good trip. Not to far from home and will definitely return again.

    2010 Palomino P-280

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