Locking Aliner When Folded Down


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Oct 5, 2021
We have a few nights on an upcoming trip where we're going to be leaving our Aliner on a city street. We have a wheel lock and hitch lock, but I'm still concerned that someone could pop the top up and steal/damage. We have little padlocks on the side latches, but they're purely decorative (ha). Does anyone have a solution to locking your a-frame so it can't be opened at all?


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Dec 22, 2002
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Crime is everywhere these days so asking "What city" is moot. Get locks that are not purely decorative and put one on each latch. Only other thing I can think of is a motion sensitive alarm.

Papa Glenn

Nov 24, 2020
No matter what lock you put on the latch, the lock goes through a sheet metal tab that would be easy to cut. And the latches could be quickly pried off and storage doors pried open. Bottom line, A-frames, like most RVs, are not very secure. The best you can realistically do is find as safe a place as possible to park it and hope for the best.


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Apr 15, 2020
We put small master locks on the two side latches and the four dormer latches. Thief would need to take a few minutes to use a bolt cutter to snip off. We then rely on the uniqueness of the Aliner that the everyday crook wouldn’t know how to lift it open and would just move on to somebody else.

We did change our compartment door locks to cams but a quick pry with a big screwdriver or crowbar would still pop the catch. We never store anything of value by these doors anyways.


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Oct 20, 2014
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If they really want in, they’ll get in. So I guess what you’re trying to do is show them down. The cargo doors are the weakest link. Good thing is, on most Aliner models, with the roof fully closed they can’t get into the main body of the camper via those cargo doors. Don’t store anything in those cargo areas that you can’t afford to lose or replace.

The little padlocks that fit in the roof clips may be, as you say, basically decorative. However, as Dnodoz points out, someone has to go around snipping those off. Just get the toughest ones that will fit in the clips. The idea is to slow them down, make them look more conspicuous. Once they get those off, they still have to lift the roof. My Aliner had a little sliding latch for the top of the Dutch door. With the sidewalls down, I could still reach in to latch & unlatch that. If you do that, you make it slightly more difficult to get inside & open the sidewalls. After that, there are places inside the camper where you might add a latch or clamp to again make it more difficult to lift the walls. They'd have to look to find the issue.

Just add stuff to slow them down. Get a little creative.


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Aug 18, 2019
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When we got solar panels everybody had me spooked that they would get stolen if not stowed when gone from the campsite. My mental gymnastics was consider them stolen once every few years as the price to pay for the mental stress saved and effort to store them. Vacations are too short for extra work. Never had one stolen yet.

We have a full mattress layout. Doubt a robber would know to look under the mattress for the main hiding place. Nothing of value really in the cabin. I would be pissed if they stole my white gas stove.

REmove a tire to make them think you may be right back.

Call the police and asked if there is an off duty officer who wants to make $x if you let you park on their driveway for x days if you can't find a commercial parking space. Or call a church and see if the same thing with one of thier members.

Any RV dealers around that would rent space?

We stay at non powered campsites. We own a generator to charge DW's CPAP. Introduce yourself to your neighbors first thing and offer to charge their cell phones in the morning.

Lunch is over. Back to work.


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Dec 22, 2002
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The thing is, some people don’t want to rob you, they want to destroy things and ruin things for other people. Or, they see your camper as a good place to cook meth out in the woods.

Regardless, make note of everything in your camper and make sure your auto insurance covers the camper and basic contents for theft.

Do what you can to protect yourself, your loved ones, and your property. Enjoy your freedom, time with your family, and the great outdoors.


Aug 30, 2022
Another approach would be to put "Security Camera in Use" stickers on it and/or stick some fake cameras on the outside.

This kinda thing:

Would-be burglars/vandalizers may understand that security cameras can support facial recognition and be internet-linked to upload recordings in real(ish)time. They may also understand that the cameras can trigger alerts that cause owners of the RV to show up (chafed) on short notice.

Depending on where you are headed this approach could also make it a target, unfortunately.

Secure parking would be best if you can find it!

Good luck. Hope people just leave it alone.


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Nov 11, 2006
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This is a scenario where good comprehensive and theft insurance has a place in the world I think.

I'm not an Apple user but if you are maybe use one of those Air tag thingamajigs?
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Jun 29, 2023
Fairly minor, but I plan on putting a latch on the inside of the dormers and the cargo doors. That way, if anyone cuts the exterior locks, it doesn't just pop open. I expect any padlock I put on to be pure theater though and I'm hoping people will pick an easier target instead.

Tossing on a cheap Wyze camera too so I'll at least get a recording of someone breaking in.

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