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Oct 26, 2021
We are the new owners of a 1980 Lionel pop up camper and we would love to have a canopy attached, but no matter how hard we try, we cannot find a canopy that attaches to a "curved" track instead of a "straight across" track. Is there any where we can find a canopy that would accommodate this?


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Mar 8, 2017
I think it would be the type that you slide into the track when you set up. It wouldn't be the "bag awnings" that stay attached 24/7.

And I suspect you'll have to make or commission one.


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Dec 22, 2002
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If that is a "C" channel, you could make an awning using:
  • A Tarp
  • Coax Cable
  • Duct Tape of Gorilla Tape
  • Tent Poles
  • Rope
  • Tent Pegs


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Oct 10, 2013
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Something like this "may" work for you or perhaps be modified to work. I do not have one myself so cannot say if it could or not.
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Biggest issue you might be forced to locate a used one as I don't think they are making it anymore.

Most awnings now used a straight track as you have discovered. Another option is to buy a new awning rail and attach it to your camper roof yourself.