Looking for reputable PuP Repairs near Waldorf, MD

Discussion in 'RV Dealers & Repair Shops' started by PuPOwner, Jul 14, 2021.

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    I purchased a used 2002 Coleman Fleetwood (Utah) several years ago, and lent it to a family member who (sadly) never took care of it, and now it has significant weather damage to the storage box (plastic has large hole, and is brittle/breaks easily), as well as a loose back body panel and nearly all of the latches need replacement. It was left out unprotected for a few years, exposed to the elements and I haven't opened it yet - but there may also be some water damage inside from the giant hole in the storage box, but I don't know yet.

    I love this camper and will probably wind up having it repaired, but I'm not sure of who to go to, or even trust with the job. If I had a garage, I'd probably work on it myself as a project, but since I don't, I'd like to find someone reputable who might be able to help me get her fixed up, without taking me to the cleaners...

    Anyone know of a someone reputable in southern Maryland or nearby?
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    Welcome to the Portal from South Carolina. Good luck. Most RV places will not work on popups, unless they sold them. Most RV repair shops will not work on older popups. Many parts are not available for older popups. Might as well open it up and see if the inside is good or trashed from water intrusion.
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    Unfortunately I highly doubt RV shops would be willing to take on such a massive job. Even worse I don’t think they have any trunk lids anymore.
    With that said, I take my 04 Fleetwood Utah to Beckleys RV in Thermont, MD. They are actually the same place that took in the remaining Coleman parts inventory when Coleman/Fleetwood folded.
    Sadly when it comes to Coleman/fleetwoods many shops flat out refuse to even work them. I wish you luck, but honestly it will probably cost more to fix then what it is worth especially if you have to pay for labor. With this hot market right now, it may be best to sell the camper as is and perhaps find something else. Another option is to see If your able to find a friend or a friend of a friend who has building skills perhaps see if they are willing to take on a side job.
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