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    May 17, 2007
    My husband, Brett, and I have just purchased our first camper. We went to Bass Pro shops in Pearl, MS to buy a tent and they were having a camper show. After looking at the pop-up, we decided that it was PERFECT for us. So we bought one.

    Now, we are getting ready for our first trip (I'm supposed to be cleaning the camper right now LOL). However, we are unsure of where to go.

    Has anyone camped in Louisiana? What were the best places? The worst? We have a boat, and plan to take it along, too, so we are looking for places that have fishing. We would love waterfront, but generally those are PACKED and like sleeping in a parking lot.

    Consequently, what happens when you are parked next door to a rowdy bunch of people that insist on partying with you, even though you are not party kind of people. Being from the south, we are naturally friendly, but how do we handle the obnoxious? LOL

    Any suggestions will be great.

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    We prefer camping in state parks, which generally have more privacy between spots and are usually patrolled better. We use commercial campgrounds mostly just when traveling and we need a spot to spend the night.

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    I was in both Louisana and Mississippi last month and all the State Parks on the coast with water access did not have their boat ramps open. They are still under ee-construction from the hurricane. Before making any firm reservations I'd make a definite inquiry about the status of water access.

    My kayak had to stay on the roof of the Tracker a couple of nights I'd have preferred to have been on the water.

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