Lowes and Home Depot tool clearance

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    Appears Lowes has been clearing out their Kobalt stuff to make room for Craftsman. Apparently they started this process several months ago, but I wasn't aware. However, some of the stores near me had a couple carts set up with random tool sets and stuff. I picked up a decent starter set for my son, and some specialty stuff I didn't have in my collection (crowsfoot, wobble sockets and some speed handles).

    Might be worth it to check out your local store, along with ones on the way if you are on a trip. The Kobalt hand tools are a little better than the Craftsman stuff that is coming in too, but that Kobalt lifetime warranty isn't worth much when the store doesn't have a tool to replace it with.

    I was also at Home Depot as well, and they had some decent tool clearance - some power tools and sockets mostly. However - they did have a nice 250 piece set that comes in a portable 4 drawer 22" chest, similar to the old Craftsman rally box they used to sell but the Husky has ball bearing slides instead of the friction ones. I was able to pick it up for $130 after talking my way into an additional discount since it was the last one and the box was pretty beat up, but the actual toolbox was undamaged once I got it home. I found these on an endcap near the tool area, and a few were interspersed within the tool corral so you have to look and pay attention.

    I think I might be at the point where I can finally assemble a dedicated tool kit for the pup without having to pilfer stuff out of the garage, and the new Husky kit can be easily supplemented to be my dedicated motorcycle kit and I can keep it on the other side of the garage where they live.
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