MA- Horseneck Beach


Mar 4, 2007
Going to be heading to Horseneck Beach at the end of the month anyone have any experiences there? good, bad, ugly?

Thanks in advance



Aug 23, 2006
My brother in law lives up there. Nice campground, we haven't camped there yet, but it is on the list (we've done a few drive throughs). Very sandy, breezy so it shouldn't be horrible heat wise. BEWARE... they have the nastiest mosquitos in that area. Tiger striped - out during the daytime as well as night and will bite you right through a sweatshirt... UGLY!

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The draw is the ocean beach and it was great. Plenty of rocks at high tide but a couple hours after you get to sand. Very few people on the beach, don't really get it. Nice waves and warm water. The sites were good sized, if you have a choice pick sites on the side of the street away from the ocean as the breeze will bring smoke from your fire right back to your camp. Bath rooms are kept pretty clean. I'll be back!