Manatee Hammock

Discussion in 'Florida' started by Bmoore257, Apr 12, 2015.

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    Mar 7, 2013
    Took the family to Manatee Hammock CG in Titusville for a long weekend. It's not a bad little CG. Lots of shade and it's right on the Indian River. Facilities were pretty clean. It has a pool, which is a bonus. The downside would be the local intrusion. Pool was crowded with non-campers. The trick, apparently, is for one family to get the campsite and then invite a large group to visit. It's close to a railroad which might bother some folks. We didn't mind it.
    The appeal for me was the close proximity to a place I kayak fish the Mosquito Lagoon. It's also right across the river from the Kennedy Space Center. It would be an awesome way to catch a launch.
    Bottom line, it's a good place for a short stay. I wouldn't want an extended stay there.
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    I stayed there about 2 yrs ago in my PUP, and around a yr ago in a tent. Spaces rather close together for RVs/pups, not much screening between. There is a dog playground/fenced which can be very nice if you have pets. I saw a night launch, was awesome, you just take your folding chairs down to the waterfront and get a great view & lots of other campers watching it, too. You can walk around/ bike around the CG. For any real attractions, though, have to leave the CG area. Close enough for Cocoa beach day trips.

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