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  1. Jimbow

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    Nov 30, 2012
    A few mattress questions:

    We only use one of the bunks and use the other side for clothes storage, etc. I'm wondering why I keep hauling the second mattress around? Besides cushioning my knees when reaching a tote in the back.

    Toppers. We use a quilted mattress pad. We switched from backcountry backpacking on self inflating mats, so this seems lux.

    Who has needed a replacement? Where did you find one?

    Tips and tricks
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    Aug 9, 2011
    North Dakota
    We removed and stored the original mattresses after first camping trip replaced with queen air mattress plenty happy with airing up and having support all night instead of the packed down foam.
  3. TRR

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    Nov 3, 2014
    Alabama USA
    We also only use one bunk for sleeping. Our bunks are both the same size, so when setting up we put both mattresses on that bunk to make a more comfortable bed. We also replaced the foam in one mattress with memory foam. Much nicer. With two mattresses over a layer of Harbor Freight anti-fatigue mat the bed is actually usable.
  4. jnc

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    Oct 1, 2014
    South Central New Hampshire
    Our PUP did not have a usable mattress when it was gifted to us. I lucked out when a friend was throwing out his mothers 40 year old sleep sofa. She had just replaced the mattress a few months before. It is only a queen in our king bunk. This makes room for the stuff I would normally have on a night stand like a flash light,keys,wallet,phone. We use the other bunk to store a truck & a footlocker we use for bedding and curtains.
  5. kitphantom

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    Dec 26, 2009
    Albuquerque, NM
    Our first pup only had one bunk. We bought replacement foam when we renovated it, at a local fabric and foam place, then added a 1" memory foam topper.
    Our second pup had two bunks. The back bunk was a single size, and used as storage in camp. We added a topper to it, since I'd planned a trip with a friend. That didn't happen, but we kept that set-up, in case we actually got around to the trip. We didn't have a good place in the house to store the extra mattress, so just left it in place and stacked clothing duffles, etc. on it in camp.
    We were long time ground campers and backpackers when we switched to the pup. For our needs, a memory foam topper over a firm foam cushion/mattress worked well.
    If we had kept the pup, we would have needed to replace the original mattress within a season or two. We thought we'd begin by using our Therm-a-rests under the memory foam. If that hadn't worked, we'd have been back to the foam place. The foam they carry isn't the stuff usually found at big box sewing stores. When we picked out foam for the TT bed (the original mattress was not good for either of us, even though new), there were at least a dozen choices of thickness, resiliency and density; they had a piece so I could stretch out on it on a bench too.

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