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Jul 16, 2015
Twin Cities, MN
I put anti-fatigue mats under the OEM matress and now a 2” gel foam mattress topper on top - now I sleep well. What do you all use to put on the combination to keep it clean? Fitted sheet over both the OEM and foam topper? I’m looking for ideas!


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May 28, 2018
I use regular bedding on my camper beds, so a fitted sheet works great. For the FnR, because it is folding and I travel with it, I will use a waterproof mattress over the top of all the bedding to keep it from getting wet when I close it up in the rain.


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Aug 8, 2015
I have a waterproof mattress cover from Target I think. It stays on all the time. I don't have room to keep the bedding on, and it would get dirty anyway when I folded up the canvas. Haven't heard a problem in the 3 years or so I've been doing it.


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Apr 30, 2019
New York
We took out the mattresses that came with the camper. They were hard as a rock, so not helping in comfort department. Put down a rug to cover any bolts or pokey outy things. Have a coleman king size air mattress on top of the rug, then topped that with a 3 inch memory foam. Have a waterproof mattress pad cover over the whole thing and regular bedding.
With the original mattress gone, we just deflate the air mattress to close the pup and are now able to keep all the bedding, sans pillows. Works great and no bother pumping up the mattress when we pop the top.
Best night sleep ever on this combination of air mattress and memory foam topper.

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