May 2022 - what did you do for your camper?


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
We came home from our trip with a list of things needed. Today, we stopped at our dealer's store and managed to find a new door handle/lock, a bit heftier than our previous one. (Courtenay had managed to get it to work on the trip, after the key went round and round in the lock, but we know it's on borrowed time.) Also what we hope will be a better sealant for the leaking seam at the black tank valve. It is an intermittent drip, and we'd like it repaired again one of these days, but not in the mood to take the trailer into the shop.
They had a good sale on Lynx leveler blocks, so we bought another set. We really need to go through ours and weed the most worn out, since some are 10+ years old, and had lots of UV exposure.
Ordered the items they didn't have from Amazon, so I have them for my trip in a week and a half.


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Jul 17, 2014
New Noctua fans for the fridge vents. They're incredibly quiet, and two 120mm fans span more of the fridge fins, while still using less power than one Dometic fan kit fan.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
It was cool this morning, so I finally got cleaning done in the trailer, after being home a week. I turned the HWT on, which was apparently enough to finish off the 20# tank from our trip, so 15 nights of cooking, some furnace, HWT once to twice a day, plus 'fridge use, not bad.I could not get the shower head to stop spryaing out of the connection at the wall, turns out there's a washer missing; no idea where that went. I used it anyway to rinse the bath floor and around the toilet. It's the only way I've found to get rid of the fine dust that sifts in and lodges in the "grooves" at the base and a mold mark on the bowl. Every time I use it, I remember why we've never used the wet bath shower - it's wimpy, and takes at least a couple of hours to dry - and our relative humidity is 3% today, can't imagine how long it takes to dry in other places.
I removed some fading decals, and the p-touch labels for the old door handle, we marked what direction was open for the two keyholes. I wasn't going to replace them, but I think I will to cover up the residue even goo-gone didn't remove. It will also help when my friend goes with me, for some reason we all found the lock positions not intuitive.
Courtenay installed the new door handle assembly, which took some finagling, but works now. The old one does still work, although it's worn, so we'll toss it and keys in the stuff we take, just in case.
Courtenay removed the caulk we'd put on the intermittently-leaking valve area on the black tank and put new on, we'd found a better one at the RV store. So far, so good. It's fooled us before, but maybe we have it repaired until we need a new valve again.


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Apr 28, 2019
We didn't go anywhere last 2 years. Which sucks but between the pandemic and job crap we just didn't get it going. We're also down to 2 dogs :( now so camping with the "kids" is going to be a thing. I've trained Annika to behave in a kayak, now I have to train Natasha.

  • Ripped off the delaminated ABS roof, yadda yadda yadda, the first coat of Grizzly Grip is on.
  • Replaced the wiring from the trailer to the hitch that Annika ate. I love my huskies but damn, yo, can you not do that?!
  • Got a porta-potty and potty tent.
  • Ordered a new rooftop AC/heater kit and a bottom of roof seal.
  • Killed about 10 million ants.
  • Got tickets for The Big What? and going with my bestie in August (hence, the AC is necessary).

Next on the list:
  • Clean out the gas lines to the fridge because the fridge doesn't work with propane, though it's fine with shore and (obviously briefly) battery power.
  • Replace the tires.
  • Replace the bearings (they're probably 2001 original) and swap for Buddy Bearings.

It's nice that my to-do list is now shorter than the done list:grin:


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May 31, 2018
Ok, so when inspecting the camper I noticed I lost some wire nuts on the e brakes, yes I used wire nuts. I think it was because I rushed doing it last time. So, I took all the conections apart, sprayed with contact cleaner. Then I used a hot glue gun to seal the nuts and secure them to the wires. After that a lot of electrical tape this time, wrapped in a weave. So, if it fails, I have 2 more years. But this time , I dont think they can come apart if I wanted them to.