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maybe an odd question but i havent seen it on here yet...


Apr 26, 2014
hi all..we are still looking for the perfect camper for us - my question is the bedding/mattresses - if you bought used did you just toss and start over and if you did what did you replace them with or do you have a way to disinfect and give it a good cleaning ?


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May 24, 2011
I think you will find that the covers come off the foam via zippers. We took them off, washed, dried and then fought like crazy to get them back on. The covers like to "stick" to the foam and were difficult to put back on. Found out later the trick was to turn them inside out as far as possible and roll them back on, pulling tight as you go, to get a good fit. Hopefully you would only have to do it once.

Good luck!


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May 2, 2011
We just got our new camper about 2 months ago, it was used. The mattress are heated and in good shape. I vacuumed them really well and sprayed with Lysol. We added an Isocool matress topper also. They were not very comfortable and the topper really helped. Our old Viking had a cover the I took off and washed, which was not an easy job. My main concern was bed bugs and I assume if any were there they would have been killed by the heat in camper when it's closed in the sun. Hope this helps!


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
We washed the cover in our original one. If there had been any question of cleanliness or mildew (both of us are very allergic to it, w/asthma), we would have tossed it. We did buy a new one when we renovated the camper.

If you do decide to wash the covers, another trip to getting them back on is to use very thin plastic, such as the really thin dropcloths. Wrap the mattress, slide it in the cover and slide the plastic out.

I made it easier when we renovated the camper, I made extra long zippers on the new covers.

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Apr 27, 2009
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Sunlight is a great thing.

I did NOT replace because I also have heated mattresses. I cleaned.

To clean, use a combination of 1Part white vinegar, 1Part bleach (or 1/2part if you are worried) and 2 parts water. If doing mattresses, put out on a clean surface (I used my concrete driveway). With the solution in a pump sprayer, spray a fine mist over the bedding and let sit in the sun until dry. Turn over and do the other side. be sure to get the sides as well. Once done, vacuum the mattress with a good vacuum to get anything that might have been on them.

lastly spray with Febreeze. Amazing what smells it gets out.

The solution above is also good for cleaning mold/mildew from the canvas and requires no scrubbing or rinsing. You are left with a bit of a smell afterwards so after a couple of hours, open all the windows and it should clear out. The only warning is to WEAR A RESPIRATOR and eye protection when doing the canvas as the vinegar and bleach will create chlorine gas. I have done it and as long as I use a respirator I am fine. DO NOT attempt if you don't have one.


Apr 26, 2014
Thank you all so much for the great suggestions ...and yes ..bedbugs is a bit of a concern..lol..really don't want to go through something like that . BTW- this site is fantastic


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Feb 7, 2013
Anchorage, AK
I set them in the bright sun, vacuumed and hit with Febreeze.

We also don't sleep directly on them. We put fitted sheets on them both, so we don't sleep directly on the pads anyway.


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Oct 2, 2012
for all those who might be interested the product is called STERIFAB it is designed for those when washing is not enough


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Mar 28, 2011
With our current camper the mattresses were in really good shape. I just vacuumed very well and used Lysol. Our previous camper was a different story. I ended up making new covers they were in poor shape. My mother came up with the idea to use a cheap plastic mattress cover over the foam. (the ones for bedwetting) The cases just slid right on. Once its all put together just reach in the opening and gently tear out the plastic cover. One could even use plastic sheeting or large garbage bags for the smaller cushions.