Mazama CG at Crater Lake NP

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    This is the main campground in Crater Lake NP. (It's currently the only CG because Lost Creek is closed.) It's seven miles from the crater rim at Mazama Village, not far from the South Entrance. Elevation is 6,008 feet. The Mazama CG is open from early June to mid-October. The village includes a store, gift shop, restaurant, gas station (sells propane), laundry, showers and a dump station. The showers cost $0.75 for four minutes. The CG roads and site pads are allegedly paved but in terrible condition. Broken pavement and potholes abound. A repaving project is under way. Loop A, the smallest loop, was closed for repaving. The seven loops are named A through G. Loops D and F have most of the larger sites (we were in D2). Loop G is tents only. Quiet hours are 10 PM to 7 AM and generators are allowed from 8 AM to 8 PM.

    Xantera operates the village and this 214-site CG, taking reservations for up to half of the sites. The rest are FCFS. Check in is 12 PM to 9 PM and check out is 12 PM. You must go to the kiosk in the village parking lot to either get your assigned reservation site or, if looking for a FCFS site, describe your site needs and then pay for the number of nights you want. Sites are color coded for rig size. We were told to look for any site with a red stripe on the post because those can handle anything 29-50 feet (TV and trailer combined). I think that all red sites were pull-throughs -- ours was. Only a few sites have electrical hookups (F15-29). Tent sites are $21, RV sites are $29 and RV sites with electricity are $35. I paid half of the RV site fee with my Senior Access card. Xanterra is using a pricing strategy I've not seen at other NP CGs and that is to charge $3.50 per night more for each adult over two on a site up to a maximum of six adults per site. Campsites have tables, fire rings and bear boxes. Water spigots and trash collection containers are scattered around the loops. The restrooms have flush toilets. Collecting dead and downed wood is allowed for campfires within fire rings.

    There were plenty of sites to choose from when we arrived at 2 PM but the CG filled about 5:30 PM. It did not fill the other nights we were there. The CG is heavily forested with a variety of firs and pines. There is some ground cover so privacy is intermediate. We couldn't see the sites up the road from us but could see into the one on the other side of our loop.

    Here's a shot of our pull-through site from the loop road.

    Here's a shot of the "inside" of the site.
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    Looks beautiful.

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