Mccoys Ferry

Discussion in 'Maryland' started by mred, Mar 21, 2016.

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    Well, we just got back from Mccoys Ferry. Nice place. Nestled in the foothills of western Maryland. This river side camp is just $10 a night and perfect for Pups. There is a 50 foot long, 13 foot high, one lane arched tunnel to access the camp. About 12 , no hookup sites all quite level and spacious. Most would fit a pup no issue. We have a Fleetwood Arcadia, 16 foot closed and both it and my big old F250 fit just fine. Pit toilets, and trains (about 3 a day) would be the negatives. Neither are an issue for me. The sites are sandwiched between the Potomac and the C and O canal. We rode the bikes the one day up the canal about 17 mile, stopping at Fort Frederick, and an aqueduct. Saw some Bald Eagle, Bufflehead Ducks, some senators helicopter, and a bunch of rain. But we had plenty of firewood and propane to keep us warm. One of the nice things about the camp is No generators allowed, and no rigs over 13 feet can enter. Hell if i had my bikes on top of the pup i would not have gotten in as the tunnel is arched. Really made for a nice quiet weekend. Despite the train traffic i would certainly go back.

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