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    We're traveling southern Utah next month and are ending our trip in the Moab area to see Arches, Canyonlands, Deadhorse. Can anyone suggest campgrounds in the area? My thoughts are to stay in BLM spots but the DW is insisting on having reservations (and showers).
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    There is a KOA just outside of town. We stayed in one of the "kabins" a few years ago, and it was not as packed as some campgrounds in a popular area can be. When I was there a couple of weeks ago, I camped in the campground at Arches, but noticed one of the campgrounds on the north side of town had RVs and pups packed in like sardines.

    We haven't stayed in any of the BLM campgrounds, but have camped at Dead Horse Point SP (takes reservations, no showers) and Island in the Sky (no water, FCFS). If showers in camp are not a definite necessity, the new Aquatic Center was advertising showers for $4 (without towels); have not had a chance to try that.

    We have used Green River State Park as a base quite a few times, they do have showers, and have been adding electricity to some sites. You get a bit of RR and road noise, esp. at night, and it is not close to Moab, but it might be an option if you can't get reservations closer to Moab. There is a KOA there too, but we have only done laundry in that one, though the same noises (not enough to disturb my sleep, but if you're not used to trains it might) apply.
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    IMO, when you go to a great national park you should camp in the park. There are all kinds of camping places in Arches, Canyonlands and on BLM land nearby. They now take reservations for the Devil's Garden CG in Arches (I liked it better when it was FCFS) and there is water there but no showers. Google something like "Where to get showers in Moab" and you'll find a lot.
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    There are NO BLM campsites with water in the Moab area. Nearest would be over 30 miles south at Windwhistle or further at Hatch point and it is only drinking water. No showers.

    Devil's Garden inside Arches, which it the only place in Arches where you can camp, is most likely full with reservations. Sometimes sites open up, but the Park service will recommend BLM sites along Hwy 128, 279 or 313 when DG is filled (which is almost, if not all summer).
    Canyonlands (Island in the Sky District) also has a campground that is usually full in the spring, summer and fall months.

    But it is always worthwhile to try and see if you can get reservations and that is handled through

    BLM campgrounds along Hwy 128 (aka the River road), and Hwy 279 (aka Potash Road) tend to fill up very fast the closer to Moab/Arches NP. Hwy 313 has three campgrounds (one, Lone Mesa, is only for groups). Cowboy camp is not recommended for large trailers, and it pretty rough drive. Horsethief is very large, and very camper friendly.

    Off Highway 313, there is a road Dubinky Well and that is very popular for boondocking. Just a note; when going north on Dubinky road, any camping to the east requires toilet facilities and you can only camp in actual designated spots; camping to the west of the road requires no toilets and, although it is requested a person camp where someone has already camped, it is not necessary.

    Off Hwy 191 (main hwy into Moab), just north of Hwy 313 to the east, on Willow Flats road, is a very popular area for boondocking. It is on state land and it appears the state does not care since it is always filled with trailers.

    Plenty of areas on BLM and state land for dispersed (boondock) camping.

    There are places in town where you can get showers

    Archview Campground & Resort
    N. Hwy 191 @ Hwy 313
    Canyonlands Campark
    555 S. Main St.
    Dowd Flats
    2701 S Hwy 191
    $2.00 Use Fee - .25 for each 5 min

    Lazy Lizard Hostel
    1213 S. Hwy. 191

    Moab Cyclery
    391 S Main St

    Moab Recreation and Aquatic Center
    374 Park Ave

    Moab KOA
    3225 South Hwy 191

    OK RV Park
    3310 Spanish Valley

    Pack Creek Campark
    1520 Murphy Lane

    Poison Spider Bike Shop
    497 N. Main St.
    $5.00 for 5 min.

    Riverside Oasis
    1871 N Hwy 191

    Slickrock Campground
    1301 N Hwy 191

    As for campgrounds that are near Arches, many have shower facilities

    The campgrounds on the northern part of Moab tend to be better than those south of Moab. More trees, but also more popular.

    If you need any information on boondocking in the Moab area, you can PM me. Most of the BLM land allows boondocking; however, there are places you need toilet facilities, and some places you cannot camp, but around Arches, there are acres and acres of land to setup camp. However, just remember, in the National parks you can only camp in campgrounds...

    If there is anything I know, it is the 1.8 million acres in the Moab BLM field office.

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