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Feb 14, 2008
Where my camper is parked now.
This came from a ford truck website and each mod signature had a link to this section.
Thought you would find it interesting...

Moderators, guidelines and how they are enforced.
Ok - Time to openly clarify our guidelines, who enforces them and how they enforce them.

Who are we?
Our team of moderators, super-moderators and administrators can be found here:
Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forums - List of moderators
We are a friendly Ford-Truck owning bunch, so feel free to contact any of us, we are happy to help.
If you have a problem with your truck, try using the search function or post your question in the forum that covers your problem. As much as we would like to think we are experts on everything... we might struggle diagnosing your electrical issue on your 76 highboy in the Appearance Forum. )
You will see us posting around the site (our names are highlighted in red) and your forum moderator can be found in the top left corner of each forum.

What are we here to do?
Hopefully give you a fun, enjoyable and informative place to chat with others of similar interests. We welcome everyone and we try our best to encourage a polite, friendly and informative atmosphere. To maintain all of this, we have a few rules, the lastest of which can be found here:
Ford Truck Enthusiasts - Discussion Forum Guidelines

How do we enforce these guidelines?
The million dollar question. We have a system just like your frequent flyer miles.
Earn some miles, earn a vacation!
Here are some of the things you can spend your posts on to earn miles, how many miles it gets you, and how long the miles are valid for!

Site Troll
Points: 1
Lasts: 3 Months

Signature Rule Violation
Points: 1
Lasts: 2 Months

Insulted Other Member(s)
Points: 2
Lasts: 12 Months

Inappropriate Language
Points: 2
Lasts: 12 Months

User Posting Classified Ad In Forums
Points: 2
Lasts: 6 Months

Contravened Guidelines
Points: 2
Lasts: 6 Months

Negative Racial/prejudicial comments
Points: 5
Lasts: 6 Months

Minor Spammed Advertisements - Commercial Advertiser
Points: 5
Lasts: 12 Months

Major Spammed Advertisements - Commercial Advertiser
Points: 30
Lasts forever and ever and ever

How far can I go with all these points?
We have a bonus program here at FTE, you can earn vacations by points, or by the number of trips you make!
Points based vacations:

5 Points - 3 Days
7 Points - 7 Days
10 Points - 10 Days
12 Points - 2 Weeks
14 Points - Permanent

Trip based vacations (a/k/a Infractions):

3 Infractions - 3 Days
5 Infractions - 7 Days
7 Infractions - 10 Days
8 Infractions - 2 Weeks
9 Infractions - Permanent

In lieu to issuing you frequent flyer points, moderators can elect to give you a warning. They are allowed to do this at their own discretion, if you are fortunate enough to be bestowed with one of these esteemed warnings, we suggest you heed it. FTE vacations aren't as pleasant as they are made out to be.
Super moderators are bestowed with the additional ability to give you "custom" infractions. Think of this as a tailor made holiday fit to your specific requirements.
Administrators in addition to all of these wonderful travel tools have the ability to send you on a permanent vacation with no points whatsoever! Consider yourself special if you are the recipient of one of these wonderful life long vacations.

I got a vacation, and I didn't earn it?
All appeals to warnings/points/vacations/brownies that are issued should go via PM to a moderator or super moderator. If PM coverage is difficult in your vacation location, you may e-mail [email protected]
This advice also goes for any friends that are found to be on a surprise vacation.

Vacations are non-refundable. They do not allow a return flight until your designated return date.