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Discussion in 'Massachusetts' started by Chef9375, Aug 17, 2014.

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    Apr 2, 2014
    Camped here last weekend. Reserved a site right in the river. Kids had a blast building pools in the river. It was much smaller than I had thought it would be and sites are a bit close to each other. I would avoid sites 52 and 53 as they are in front on the bathrooms and the blazing fluorescent lights do not go out at night. They need to invest in motion timers. The bathrooms were in good shape but they did not have any showers. River keeps you clean enough I guess. This is a bear country campground, so there are bear lockers at each site. Think ahead on food logistics as you cannot keep any food product in your camper. Also there is no cell reception here in a 12mi radius.(that was awesome) I will definitely go back. We had a great time and loved the nature trail.
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    Aug 4, 2014
    Thanks for the review! Great to know -- had the same lights-all-night issue at Otter River.
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    I've camped at Mohawk Trail a few times. I've only ever camped up the hill in the cabins, though we did hike down to the river for a swim and to check out the rest of the camp sites. The river side sites are kinda tight. There are showers in the campground. They are located on top of the hill near the cabins. Since we didn't camp near the water we didn't investigate the facilities down there.
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    Dec 15, 2015
    We just returned yesterday from seven nights at sites 52 & 53.
    Chef9375 said it!
    The site maps when reserving are very deceptive...the bathrooms/dishwashing building is right on top of the sites, and the lights, they never go out!
    You can see how close the bathroom is to site 52/53 where we are set up just behind us...
    The entire campground seems to be a local weekend destination, mostly loud, drinking campers Friday thru Sunday. We experienced this weekend crush the Saturday when we arrived and then again the following Friday our last night. From Monday into Friday the campground was nearly desolate...but she fills right to capacity on the weekend, every loop fills up!! Tenters, Huge fifth wheel TT's, small TT's, PUP'S...
    This campground has had the most PUP population I have ever camped with!
    Loud traffic noise from route 2, just on the other side of the cold river, where our sites were on, Jake brakes are the best at 4/5a every morning.
    River was great!
    Facilities were lacking in the cleanliness and the park employees seem to love ripping their John Deere gator all around with no other purpose but to rip it.
    The police make rounds thru the campground on the weekends(only) if that helps paint the picture I am delicately trying to describe.
    We will not be returning to Mohawk.
    The sites are abused and neglected, the sites are crammed together, the weekend use and day use is overwhelming and in your face.
    We like to get away, not listen to Skynard till 11p while camping.
    My wife needed to avoid vomit at the ladies room door Saturday morning, our day of departure. Nice!

    The river and the hiking are great!

    We can't recommend this campground.

    We look for quiet campgrounds, sites that offer a buffer between for the feel of privacy and for the personal experience of being in the forest. We go to State Forest or State Parks only that offer hiking trails, swimming for our boys (and us), and that allows dogs so we can bring ours.
    Mohawk campground looks great online and on the person it seems to be just as "pack 'em in on top of each other" camping like the private campgrounds in the area.

    I hope this is helpful, we are camping State Forests and Parks only and heading further north next year and will continue north as our boys get older and can handle the longer driving times.


    Miller from CT
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