Montana Creek Campground - Talkeetna, AK

Discussion in 'Alaska' started by generok, Jun 16, 2019.

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    This is the commercial campground at Montana Creek. The campground is nice, with pretty big spots with a good amount of grass between the sites. They also have fire pits and picnic tables at each spot, which again, is nice. It was pretty full with families. But at $50/night for power only sites with no dump station, I think it is a bit steep for what you get. Granted, it is better than the gravel parking lots, to be sure. But, I think the price point is set for their target audience... the RV renter who is looking to get just a little bit towards Denali and stop for one night. Big rigs do have problems getting backed in though. I kept having to move garbage cans and poles out of my way and took a couple swings at it.
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    Sounds to me like it is overpriced and I would probably use it only if nothing else was available in the area.

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