Moose Hillock Campground Warren NH


Mar 25, 2017
Took our first trip to Moose Hillock the weekend of May 19-20 2017. It was opening weekend and the place was not crowded at all. There are 300-400 sites here , so I imagine it can get pretty crowded during peak times. The seasonals were already checking in and seem to be in areas away from the hustle and bustle. Some seasonals appear to leave their rigs on site over the winter. The place is a maze with various loop roads off into the woods. We stayed in site #145. Most of the sites were large, wooded and very private. It reminded us of the state or national park campgrounds, in that respect. The sites appeared to be mostly level with dirt or sand bottoms and some occasional rocks. The fire pits are all made of natural rocks with high backs and a ring of stones. Very rustic and functional. There didn't appear to be any cooking grates/grills. We had a cable TV site for the first time and it came in handy because the cellular service is ZERO at the campsites. The TV had about 18 channels with very good reception. We used it mostly just for the news and weather. There is good cell service (Verizon) down by the pool/office/store area.

The pool was closed, but looks awesome. The arcade was nice. They have change machines, which is nice. Not a ton of games, but enough to keep the grandchildren occupied for a while. The store was well stocked, though the prices looked a little high. Wood was $6 a bundle for decent hardwood. Ice was $1.75. You have to get a key to each time to access the wood and ice, which seems a little odd. Maybe it 's different during peak season. It's just takes a little longer to get and return the keys. Poolside cafe was not open yet, but the menu looks decent for snacks and ice creams.

Bathrooms were clean. The bathroom sinks didn't appear to have hot water. Showers were clean, but a little small. There are 4 bathroom/shower buildings, well spaced around the campground. $.25 got a nice hot shower about 5 minutes long. Staff was very friendly and courteous.

This was a scouting mission for us. They met all of our expectations. Large private sites, yet close to some nice amenites for the kids. We plan on booking a couple of sites later in the season and bringing our kids and grandkids there.
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