Mounds State Park

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    Sep 2, 2017
    We spent two nights at Mounds State Park near Anderson. This park is beautiful, and well cared for. The sires are fairly open, but spacious. There is an excellent outdoor pool with a high dive, which was perfect on the hot days we were there. To say they have a few raccoons at this park would be an understatement. I heard a sound during the night, and looking out, I saw an army of raccoons sunning everywhere! We had no problems, since I put all the food and trash inside. Bathroom and shower facilities were clean and well maintained. The local airport abuts the edge of this campground, so expect to hear some small planes here & there. A railroad track also skirts the park, with several freight trains passing through through the night. This is a really nice park, and I'd camp there again if I'm in Indiana again.

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