Mountain Biking in Big Bend - Thanksgiving 2013

Discussion in 'Biking' started by Loraura, Aug 12, 2013.

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    Nov 3, 2012
    I've booked and planned a Thanksgiving week trip to the Big Bend Area. I'm so excited!

    Here is our rough itenerary:

    [td]Day Activity
    Sat 11/23
    5:00:00 AM Drive from Austin to Lajitas
    2:00:00 PM Set up camp
    3:00:00 PM BBRSP: Barton Warnock Visitor Center
    4:00:00 PM Grocery Shop

    Sun 11/24
    9:00:00 AM MTB: Inner/Outer Loop
    12:00:00 PM Lunch in Lajitas or Terligua Shop/be a tourist
    2:00:00 PM Return to camp, Change for Horseback ride
    3:00:00 PM Drive to Study Butte, TX
    3:30:00 PM Big Bend Stables: Sunset Horseback ride

    Mon 11/25
    9:00:00 AM MTB: Dome from the East
    2:00:00 PM Drive to Chisos Basin
    4:00:00 PM Hiking: Window Trail

    Tue 11/26
    10:00:00 AM Drive to Chisos Basin
    1:00:00 PM Hiking: Lost Mines Trail
    5:00:00 PM Dinner:Chisos Mountain Lodge Resteraunt
    7:00:00 PM Drive back to Lajitas

    Wed 11/27
    10:00:00 AM MTB:Fresno Cascades
    4:00:00 PM Drive to Terlingua/Dinner at Starlight Theater

    Thurs 11/28
    9:30:00 AM MTB:Madrid House
    1:00:00 PM Santa Elena Canyon/Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive
    5:00:00 PM Lajitas Ocotillo Resteraunt
    7:00:00 PM Pack up everything we don't need in the AM

    Friday 11/29
    8:00:00 AM Pack up to leave
    9:00:00 AM Drive home

    At first I had booked a site in the Rio Grande Village campground in the National Park, which was the only place in the park that had reservations left. But then I realized that all the riding we wanted to do was clear across the park, a 1-2 hour drive each way. That seemed silly to waste so much time driving, so after much waffling, I cancelled those reservations and booked the Maverick Ranch RV park. I'm sad that it's more of a parking lot than a camp ground, but the benefit of not wasting so much gas and time driving will be worth it, I hope.

    I also don't have to drag the generator with me now, since I'll have hookups.

    If anyone has ridden the Lajitas trail system and can offer some tips, please let me know!
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    Jul 30, 2012
    That sounds wonderful! I've only been oncce, but I just love Big Bend and Terlingua!
  3. vanjr

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    Jul 3, 2013
    Great looking trip. Definitely want to hit Big Bend this next Oct-April to camp/mountain/cross bike the single/double track.

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