my Back surgery today


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Aug 5, 2012
Well I had my Back surgery today and so far so good. Lots of Pain, and a lot of that is my fault because I refuse to take narcotic pain pills unless I get to the point that I can't take the pain anymore. I do take Prescription 800mg Ibuprofen and it helps some.
I came home 4 hours after surgery because my Doc said if could walk down the hall and back unassisted, pee in a bottle and no puking, he would let me go home. And I passed all of his requirements. Hopefully this surgery on L2.L3, L4, and L5, will give me enough relief that I can function somewhat normal again. Doc did say I might as well sell my Golf Clubs because that wasn't going to be a part of my life anymore, but I am not ready to hang that up right now either. I'll revisit that in a year or two and see how I'm doing then.

Well NO Camping for 6-8 weeks as he says ABSOLUTELY NO LIFTING over 5 #'s. So I will just have to enjoy you guy's Camping trips as you post on here.

Yeah I am addicted to this site!!!!!!


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Jun 29, 2010
Did they do a fusion? I've had two back surgeries in the past 4 years. Last one was a year ago last week. Both were identical just had part of the disk removed at s1-s2. First one they kept me overnight, second one I was out an hour after surgery. I don't do narcos well either. Give me raging bad headaches. Being on them after my last surgery was worse than the surgery. I was bed ridden for two weeks prior to the surgery because I couldn't stand for mor than a minute or two.

Hope all goes well for you. I bough my popup while recovering last year. The hardest thing I had to do was ask for help in fixing it as I was still on twisting restrictions.


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Oct 15, 2011
Sounds like you got through surgery well, that's 1/2 the battle. Wishing you good luck on rehab. Every day will get better from here out. Hopefully, you will be able to get back to camping soon.


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Mar 11, 2010
Western NC
Heres to a fast and full recovery....I'm with you on the Narcotics....I truly believe they can cause more harm by allowing you to overuse instead of recovering...
Apr 17, 2014
I am so proud of you for being a good patient and we'll be here to dry your tears with our crying towels cuz we can't go camping either.
No surgeries allowed for me at this time so I am in love with epidurals and use morphine sparingly.
It's the restrictiuons on lifting, pulling and pushing that gets to me. We wouldn't be the persons we are today if all we had ever moved was a pencil and a coffee cup so it's really, really hard to see something undone when you just want to take care of it yourself.
But don't.
Be good to yourself, take all the time you need to recuperate and we'll see you pulling that Pup soon.


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Recover well, do what you can so you'll be able to camp.
The last injections I had haven't worked as well. Driving 8 hours to camp yesterday was not fun, sleeping is not great, so it may be time to discuss other option.
Painkillers: I've taken them and done without. Seems to depend on specific malady and person. Being able to rest and sleep helps healing, though.

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Jun 21, 2012
Glad to have you "back" from the hospital. (I couldn't resist)
I hope you heal quickly.


being crazy- has kept me from going insane
Aug 5, 2012
Thanks All for the kind words. I think this has got to be the worst surgery I have ever had, as for as pain after the surgery. I did have to break down and take some pain meds, It was just more than I could handle. Today is Day 5 after surgery and I am still hurting pretty bad, but I think I am getting better. I hope the end results are worth this, if not I will be very disappointed.

Thanks again Ya'll!!!!!


Jul 8, 2008
I had 2 microdiscectomies at L4-L5 4 years ago now. Here's what I can tell you: We still camp, but at first it was rough. Golf is no longer part of my life [:(] but it was only minor for me (I went with DH once in a while). Both surgeries I was out of the hospital on the same day, walking, but no lifting bending etc... Hard because I had a newborn at the time. Disc ruptured right after she was born, then re-ruptured about 5 weeks later, ugh (only happens about 5% of the time I was told, lucky me). I now consider my back to be 'good', but I still don't push myself very far physically. Yes, I still have pain from time to time that I manage with Aleve, and a muscle relaxant for when bad spasms hit occasionally. My pain after surgery was nothing compared to the pain I had when the disc was ruptured and pressing on my spine and I couldn't hardly move my legs. So all in all, it was a success.


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Nov 3, 2012
If it was a fusion surgery, check again with your surgeon about the ibuprofen. NSAIDs interfere with bone growth. I was told not to take ibuprofen or Aleve until I am completely fused. I'm almost 6mo postop from an L4-L5-S1 fusion. I used to be in such pain that I wanted to cut my leg off by the end of each day. I have zero pain almost all the time now, with some light aching at times when I overdo it. It was worth the pain for me!

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being crazy- has kept me from going insane
Aug 5, 2012
It's just me and my Wife and our Yorkie Guard Dog. But yes, she has already said when I feel better we can go and she can handle the setup chores. It may be a while before I feel like it. Got to get this pain level down a bit. She understands the setup procedure and could do it by herself if need be, but I would feel bad not being able to do my part. Ease of setup was the driving force in us selling the PUP and going with the TT. And it was a good move for us because setup is a piece of cake now with the TT.
It may be September before our next trip but we will be back out there for sure!! :)