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    My name is Christina and I am a mom to a 7 year old autistic son. He loves his video games and computers. So i decided to try and find a camper to get him away from games and computers as he needs to get out into nature. So i finally found one for 100 bucks. The pics didnt look bad but I knew that there was going to be work required. But i never ever imagined the pain I got myself into.. The tongue broke on the way home. The roof was damaged, canvas was covered in mildew and rust. The cabinets and bench seats are basically warped because of water damage. So i gutted the entire thing, scrubbed the canvas and took of the roof to fix it. The AC doesnt work so that leaves me having to get a window unit or portable because a new RV unit is way out of budget. I dont have a budget and was hoping to find things to replace everything other than the roof and some interior painting and work on craiglist. I have worked day and night now for 2 weeks on this project and I feel like I am getting nowhere. All I want to do is take my kids camping but having a child with autism and keeping a lock on a door as well as keeping him comfortable in the Texas heat the next best thing to a tent was a pop up. I need help. I hate to ask for help because I usually do everything myself. But for my kids I am willing to do just about anything right now. If anyone can help with parts, AC unit (window or portable), labor and work or financially please please let me know. I will send pictures of the camper, my sons disability documentation and any other information that you need. Right now the camper needs everything. Caulking and waterproofing stuff for the roof repair, wood, benches, flooring, mattress pads for the pullout beds. I will also send reciepts for anything purchased whoever can help or if you can send the parts directly to me. Or if anyone has a Pup that they are not using that only needs a good cleaning and you would donate it to a good cause. Hoping someone out there can help. My email is [email protected]
    my cash app handle is $apollozcustomz for those who can help financially. And to anyone who wants to donate anything please send me and email so i can send you proof of anything you need.

    God bless and Thank you in advance.
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    I'm too far away to be of much help directly but it might help your cause if you post the make and model of your camper and even better if you can put some pictures of the pup and the work it needs. At the very least someone here will give you some great advice to help you do it the best you can with what you have.

    As a father to a mildly Autistic 8 year old (who also likes his video games and computers) I can confirm (at least in my case) that getting him out camping is a great distraction. Even though we let him take his ipad he spends much less time using it than he does in the home environment. Not sure what your actual plan is but I would advise easing into camping with him and perhaps allowing him some sort of screen time in the camper to help give him some familiarity in what to him will be a foreign environment.

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