My first pup mod (winch)


Jun 28, 2018
West Virginia
Goshen winch is so expensive so I bought a cheaper one off ebay (DUTTON-LAINSON DL1402A) it was $40 it has a manual brake not the automatic one that goshen sells. Reason I needed another winch was the automatic brake wouldn't hold, and I seen that as a hazard... so here is the pics

20180524_180524.jpg 20180524_180538.jpg 20180524_180546.jpg
the first 3 taking the square part off
took the square part off the new lever and welded it onto the square tubing
20180524_185742.jpg 20180524_195603.jpg
discovered that I didn't have a small enough socket to work ... so I had to cut it off again, and put that piece on and welded it again
20180524_200238.jpg 20180524_203423.jpg 20180524_203455.jpg

so I put everything on and it worked like a dream
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Mar 23, 2016
King George, Virginia
Nice job...

My 2008 STARCRAFT RT14 has Electric roof raise and also came with two of these LIFTER ARM SAFETY POSTs to put in place after you raise the roof.

Sure gives one a great warm fuzzy feeling when sleeping under the POPUP roof at night knowing it isn't going to fall down on top of you......


Roy's image from manual

Roy Ken