My free bamboo poles implementation.

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    "free" because I had everything on hand already!

    Starting with the bunk ends - 7 foot span, but I only had 6 foot poles on hand.
    I also had a metal pole with 9/16" inch inside diameter - it just fits the bamboo poles which are nominally 1/2" (they vary along their length)!

    So for each bunk, I cut 2 x 40" pieces of bamboo and a 4" sleeve out of the metal to join the 2 poles - spray painted all brown. End caps are chair foot glides. The bamboo has a hollow core and these glides just screwed in easily into 2 of my poles, was too loose in one pole (fixed with a dab of glue), and needed to drill to widen the cavity slightly in one pole.

    I mounted an eyelet screw and passed a thin bungee loop into it. Easy to take down if needed, and the added benefit of using 2 shorter poles is that they are easily separated and stored for travel if desired, though we left in place.

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