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    Oct 15, 2013
    Hi All. It seems like forever since I have been around here. Other things have kept me busy, but I did want to pop in to share with you my tire upgrade for our '97 Palomino Yearling.
    I had two sets of tires and rims that we got with the camper. All bias ply 4.80 x 12. All have excellent tread but 3 out of the four have some dried sidewall cracking. That worried me so I started looking at my options. I could get a new tire and wheel combo for $37 bucks each - bias ply - same tire with possibly the same problem down the road. Or I could get a Kenda Karrier Loadstar ST145R/12 - 10 ply radial tire for $54 each for the tire only. I put my trust in the radial being the better choice and bought 3 new radials. They are a little less than an inch taller overall, and also a little less than an inch wider. The tread width is 4-1/4" on the radial compare to 3-1/4" on the bias ply. They both fit on 4" wide rims. They fit under the camper with no clearance issues. When I checked the rating tag on the side of the camper it appeared that the bias plys were undersized at 780#s each - the new radials are rated at 1520 #s each - way over the max on the tag at 1780#s - much safer IMO. We have a trip coming up that will have us putting about 500 miles on so the new tires will make me feel much more at ease on the road. I'm hoping the radials will outlast the bias tires and wont need to be replaced as soon.
    I did the mounting myself with a manual tire changer that I picked up at Harbor Freight for $32. I think it would have cost me that much just to have the tire shop mount them, so it's like I got a new tool for free. Bonus.
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    Jan 13, 2011
    Sounds like you did good. You might be able to get away with less than max pressure, but I would max them out anyway, as long as the rims and valve stems can handle it ( they have max allowable pressure as well ).
    Thanks for the tip on the HF tire changer, I need to get one of those for my utility trailer tires.

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