Nantahalas Short and Sweet

Discussion in 'Boondocking' started by hometownhiker, May 12, 2019.

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    Two weeks ago, I got out for a little solo boondocking overnighter up in the Standing Indian area. This particular site is just less than twenty miles from the house. I was needing a night in the woods, and the wife was unable to go, so I travelled light, set-up minimally, and enjoyed a sweet and quiet night away from all the regular distractions. The weather was perfect, the stars were popping, and I slept like a baby.
    There's nothing like a much needed night in the woods!

    [​IMG]IMG_20190429_115534731 (1) by Chuck Allen, on Flickr
    [​IMG]IMG_20190430_075532573_HDR by Chuck Allen, on Flickr
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    We all need some ME time once in awhile. Glad you had a nice relaxing trip.
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