Need things sewn up?

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    Nov 20, 2014
    My mom is retired seamstress. She worked sewing at a furniture company doing cushions and stuff. She does side gigs sewing. She has 2 industrial machines, a Juki 8700? and a Juki 1541? walking foot. She does a lot of hemming locally, and marine stuff at the moment. She's really not interested in doing more than a few hours a week. It's just extra income to buy her grand son toys and stuff.

    If you need something sewn up. She charges $10/hr + materials. She can do everything from apparel fabric to furniture leather (and tent canvas).

    We buy most of the stuff from Sailrite (expensive, but top quality). But you can always source your own materials.

    Contact me if you need something done. She is in Socal (Riverside). I'm in Huntington Beach (OC)

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