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Every meal is a picnic and every Day is a holiday
Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
I wanted a Sea Eagle but due to all the stalling and saying they are back ordered and will be here any day now, After a month i finally said enough is enough and cancelled the order. I opted for a different brand and style all together a Colorado Xt Pontoon boat, it arrived late in the day of my day 1 camping. So I did not get to use it this trip. I have to set it up for mysel now.f boat rear.JPG Boat front.JPG


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Jul 2, 2016
Looks awesome... Hope you catch lots of fishes.

I’m looking to buy a 12 ft Jon boat before our next camping trip to the lake. It will be transported on the truck topper rack so we can tow the Aliner.

Happy Camping...[ALPU][PUT]


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Nov 28, 2014
Central Oregon
The first photo made the second photo possible. I have an uncle, (don’t a lot of outdoor gear stories start like that?) who has had your model I think since it was first came out. It’s been a good boat for him. Congratulations on yours!


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Every meal is a picnic and every Day is a holiday
Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
Congratulations on your new boat. By the way, whaT do you do with your feet? I would be terrified to just let my feet dangle in alligator waters.

They go on the adjustable bars in the front of the boat. Gators are last thing I worry about, as a river rat I have been around them most of my life, the only time they might cause trouble is when someone feeds them and they lose the fear of man, but they are really delicious tasting too.:)