new curtains - darkening? or light filtering?

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    Mar 27, 2007
    I want to make new curtains for my '73 Starcraft. all of my windows have screen and zippered covers - only ONE - the large one that covers the entire back wall- has both clear vinyl AND the canvas.

    I found replacement plastic tabs for the tracks here - - for .21 each! they fit great.

    But now I'm trying to figure out what color to make the drapes. Basically, I've found some really inexpensive sheets - my color options are a dark tan, a royal/dark blue, an olive green, or a dark burgundy.

    I'm leaning toward the blue - but used it to make some curtains for our spare bedroom, and it really makes it dark in there. Not a bad thing in there, as it's a southern exposure, but now I'm wondering if I want to make the camper so dark inside, or if I would be better off with something light, that would give us privacy, but not block the light?

    We don't have AC, and do use fans, an awning & I got some of those emergency blankets to cover the bunkends to keep the camper cool in summer.

    I'm thinking that for the most part, I would be pulling the drapes shut to block people seeing in (like when someone is changing in the daytime) or when cars drive past - possibly to shade the sun, or give night time privacy - leaving the zippered canvas open for air, while letting the curtains hang shut.

    so what would you choose? a dark color to block the light? or a light one to let light shine through?


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    Sep 5, 2006
    Hi Laura! Nice camper and setup! The choice of light or dark curtains is totally a personal choice, but here's my experience from when I needed to replace mine.

    I tried out both by raiding the discount fabric rack at Wal-Mart. For $1 a yard I found light gray fabric that was actually skirt fabric (no wrinkles)that matched the camper canvas... and also found some denim colored fabric. I started out trying the denim. I thought that would be cool looking and sharp. I was wrong. Instead it was so dark I felt I was in a cave. My second thought was that it would take care of the campgrounds that have too many lights on at night. Well, it did, but suddenly I didn't feel I was outdoors at all. I can't even describe how seperated I felt from the camping experience.

    So I discovered I prefer the light curtains and have been totally happy with my decision ever since.

    Whichever you decide to use, I hope you are as thrilled with your decision.

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    Aug 14, 2007
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    I think the Royal/Dark blue would be a great choice for your curtains. I've been mulling over the same decision as I'm going to redo the curtains in our PUP this winter too. I just put down a new peel and stick floor, replacing a dingy white patterned floor with a light brown stone looking tile which darkened up the interior a little. However, I painted the ceiling which had darkened over time with some white latex semi-gloss which made up for the brightness I lost with the darker floor. Therefore, I'm leaning toward a Hunter Green/Royal Blue combination for curtains which would match the cushions on the dinette and bed ends.

    Good luck with your make-over!!

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    Jun 4, 2007
    Whatever you use has to be opaque enough to not be seen through at night when the lights are on in the camper! I am ready to redo mine, and I will be using denim for that very reason. I am eliminating the fussy little valance and hanging the curtains from the top track instead. I only have my curtains closed at night or for a few minutes in the day if someone is changing, so a darker color and heavier fabric is fine with me.

    Get a quarter yard of whatever you are considering and hang it up in the pup window. Turn on the lights in the pup at night and have someone in the camper move around behind it and have someone outside checking to see if the fabric can be seen through. Curtains in a camper are more for privacy than for blocking out the sun. Go for a heavier fabric not a thinner one.

    A lot of older campers came with lined canvas curtains in the 70s and 80s, functional not pretty. Somewhere along the line the companies decided pretty but nonfunctional was better. The curtains that came in my camper can be seen through at night!

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    Jun 5, 2005
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    We are constantly amazed at how well our dark blue curtains block people from seeing in at night and they are not lined. I can hardly find the camper in the dark without the porch light on, even when all the lights are on inside.

    You might want to test some fabric and see what works best for you before you make the curtains.

    Our goal is to have no one see in at night. As to blocking light, our Pop-up Gizmos on the bunk ends do a great job of blocking any street lights at night. Otherwise we have all the windows open all day when possible.

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    Apr 17, 2005
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    I will jump on the band wagon for privacy. One of the reasons we have stayed with pop ups is the open feeling generated by so many big windows. So we only close the curtains at night or to change and then the primary goal is privacy.

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    Aug 5, 2007
    Nikondon - Do you have pics of the new decor at webshots? I'd love to see how it looks with the new stuff.

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