New member. Long time camper.


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Jan 22, 2023
Southern Indiana
I've joined this forum to pay it forward!
A little story. After I graduated from college I moved from indiana to Northern California. I purchased a 1996 Coleman Fleetwood and pulled it across the country with a Subaru outback with my mom my daughter, and her .other and had a great time! At that point it was parked and because I couldn't tow it safely in the mountains with the trusty subaru...I had high hopes.
Anyway I have since moved back to indiana and don't have a use for the camper. The last time I set it up the crank mechanism failed going down...I lost interest in it and it's been sitting ever since.
There are no rips in the canvas or the screens. And no tears or anything on the cushions. I did lose the key so the lock has been drilled out....if you are familiar with the crank mechanism I'm sure you could spruce this thing up. I have a clear indiana title that I will mail you...take it home and enjoy! It's free!! There's camping gear inside it...blankets's been2 years since I moved back is what it is. My loss your gain!? The camper is in my friends yard in hayfork California about 2 hours west of redding.
I'm not gonna upload pics on this particular thread unless someone asks and if suggested I'll write another thread and post pics there.
Thank you! Help me help you andI hope you camp safe!


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Dec 26, 2009
Albuquerque, NM
Welcome and sorry that camping in the popup is not fun for you at this point, but we all have seasons of interest in many parts of life.
You will probably elicit more interest if you post in one of the Classified ads sections, maybe free cycle since you're offering for free. Give a good subject line, which can attract people quickly. Not everyone reads all sections, so lost in the introduction section may not be the best for response.