NEW meteor shower may be visible tonight/Sat AM


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Aug 19, 2008
A not-very-bright comet that's been leaving dust and debris in it's wake for the past hundred years or so may have Earth plow right into this stream of particles (but fortunately, not the comet itself!). That will create a meteor shower - however, it's based on doing some "reverse orbital calculations" back from the early 1900's into the 1800's. So it could be AMAZING, or we could see... well, nothing. Basically, look north/overhead midnight or after tonight. To determine the best time to view from your specific location, check this link:

My weekly astronomy video has more details here:


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Sep 26, 2012

We'll be camping this weekend and hope we'll see something (the weather outlook looks promising). Although we have to wake up sometime between 2AM and 5AM... That's gonna be tough! [SNZ] [SNZ]



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Aug 19, 2008
I understand! I'm not much of a "wake up in the middle of the night" kind of person, and it's supposed to peak around 2:20 AM for me. I'm just going to power through and try and stay up til 2:30 or 3:00.

Hope your weather stays clear for you - looks like it should be good around me.


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Jul 10, 2012
Congratulations on the new Meteor Shower, DW and I use one we purchased at Cabala's. Make sure you use a washer tub to catch the gray water.



Jul 22, 2014
late to this party, from my POTN post May-24-2014:

Well like some here I decided to give it a try early this morning.
I got up 1:30am, started the imaging.
Overall the media set my expectations too high.....I viewed from 1:45-3am and very few visible to my naked eye.

3 of my captures are legit "May Camelopardalis", as they radiate from the Camelopardalis region, by North Star.
2 others captured are "stray's".

these shot with my new 70D on Canon 15-85 lens @ 15mm, ISO800, 20sec, f3.5.
Very little PP done, upped exposure 0.7, Set WB to 4,200k:

This is composite of 2 images that were actually sequential frames, so these 2 came within 40 seconds of each other. 2:33am EDT.

I re-positioned the camera slightly (actually re-checked focus via live view 10x with my reading glasses on)
The big one is 3rd legit, the other 2 are the strays I referred to above. 3:14 EDT.

ISS flyover happened at 3:40am EDT and happened to be in my FOV.
This is composite of (5) 20 sec images.

They appeared lower to the Horizon than what I expected, I'm at 42.6°N .

This is closer crop to see how big this streak was in the sky:

This crop allows to see the size and colors better than the wide angle view: