New Ontario Parks length of stay rules


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Jul 19, 2007
As I said earlier, I would have preferred they addressed the cancelation problem more directly.. that alone, would open more sites to more people.. Also had they done that, it also would have change the transferring of reservations. All or none..
A return to designated non reservable sites would be nice too..

Tonya Harding

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Jun 15, 2018
Va. state parks is 14 consecutive nights w/in a 30 day period, good w/ that; wish they'd stiffen the charge for those that tie up sites & never show up...


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Yes, you could book 2 weeks by moving sites midweek. This is likely what we will try to do. Part of me wonders whether a lot of this has to do with a cash grab as there is a reservation fee charged for ea booking. So if moving sites there would be two fees to pay. It's not a large amount of money... the bigger issue is just the pain of tearing down and setting up. Regardless, that's likely what we will do. I agree with others on here that it's great that they are taking steps to deal with the site shortages. I just wish they had kept it to 14 days for all parks. That's more reasonable to me

The main thing is to keep the sites open for normal campers like us, and not being used by people who full-time and want to stay in a single place as long as possible. I doubt very much they care about the reservation fee, oftentimes that goes directly to a 3rd party IT provider that does the reservation site.