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Discussion in 'Campsite Electronics' started by LtaCrew, Feb 23, 2012.

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    I recently acquired a Jensen JHD3510 heavy duty stereo to replace the factory original in the PU. What caught my eye was that it has built in control and display of my Ipod. It also has 7 Weather bands and alert [{}=] [SUN], remote control, Satellite ready and a whole host of other features. Best part was that it was new in the box and it was almost free. I hope to get it installed in March.

    I almost never use the stereo in a campground for fear of being a bad neighbor. I don't like to hear others generators or stereos either. This will be nice when I boondock to listen to some quiet tunes, sit back in a chair, enjoy a favorite beverage, read and do the thing we all like to do..... RELAX. [SNZ]

    I am sure if my wife were still around, she would insist that I keep the remote between my toes so I could get some sit-ups in as exercise. Somehow I feel a tap on the shoulder, I love you honey!!!

    So, is it summer yet???


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