New to me 99 Coleman Mesa


Aug 23, 2017
My wife and I bought a real nice 99 Mesa today and I had a few questions about it. I understand that this is a slightly problematic roof with cracking (this one looks in good shape so far) and shouldn't be covered. The previous owners had it in a barn but I need to store it outdoors (in Michigan where it's single digits in the winter and sometimes triple in the summer). I previously had a 99 Jayco eagle that had a breathable cover on it that I liked but it wouldn't fit this one. Should I cover it or isnt it worth the risk? What's the general consensus on this and/or who should I ask?


Also the trailer making lights don't work. Brake lights and turn signals are fine. When I turn the lights on in the TV it pops a fuse. Where should I start?



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Jul 19, 2007
My Palomino sat out in Southern Ontario winters for the 4 years I owned it, no cover.. just lowered the tongue jack all the way down. It the roof accumulated 12 inches of snow or more I would use a push broom to gently clean it off.. the Palomino roof was Filon and not abs..