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Mar 23, 2015
Hi all - Sharon here, just wanted to say hi - been lurking around for a while trying to get information on my camper I just bought (a 1996 Dutchman 1204). My hubby and I love to camp, kayak, and hike. This seems to be a great site for information on all popups and I'm glad I found it. I know I've got some repairs coming up, (seems like the roofs on these campers are ALL rotted) but I have already found much helpful information from you guys, and already made several repairs!!


May 28, 2014
Welcome from Waller Texas.
Don't forget to post some pictures. Show off your N2U toy!!

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Jan 10, 2015
Cincinnati, Ohio
Welcome from Ohio!

Yes, those 90's Dutchmen pop ups are notorious for roof leaks. Let me guess, right above the door?
If you look at where the roof or sides are soft maybe you can get lucky like I did and just replace a piece of the side wall. I cut out any rotted stuff, scraped as much off the side as I could, then pieced in some plywood. I used waterproof construction glue for the plywood, then covered the roof edges with EternaBond Tape. Haven't had any leaks since 2007.