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Discussion in 'New Jersey' started by Tisk Tisk, Apr 6, 2015.

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    Mar 30, 2015
    So I just got re stationed out here in New York (Staten Island to be specific) from good ole sunny California ( I know... Lucky me! [LOL] ) Anyways, I have been a long time lurker of this site and it has helped me out with lots of mods and repairs to my 2001 coleman niagara. Thanks for that by the way! [;)] So I was reading up on a bunch of these post about the areas and reviews but cant really find like a top 5 MUST visit sites. I am a simple man and just looking to have a relaxing weekend in my pop up. Anyone have any recommendations to campsites CLOSE to the Staten Island area. So far I have stayed at Red Ridge and Jug town. Thanks in advance for the help!

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