Newbie, wish me luck!


May 26, 2015
Hi all!

I joined here several years ago when the wife and I bought a used 1999 Coleman/Fleetwood Mesa PUP. Lurked for a few weeks, but then circumstances changed and we had to sell almost immediately so I never got to post anything.

Fast forward to yesterday and we spotted a 2006 Starcraft Antigua 195CK Hybrid that looks to be in terrific shape for a 14 year old! I wanted to check on specs for it and it led me back here! (Thanks to the library!) We go to look at it this afternoon and possibly buy it!

Anything to watch out for? Anything to check specifically? I found a recall on the refrigerator, but I can take care of it if it hasn't been done.

Planning on towing with a 2017 Explorer w/ Class III package. Need load leveling hitch? Some posts I've seen say yes, some say no for this size camper (specs say 5000 GVWR, 3037 GVW, 372 hitch dry, 2665 axle dry).

I did some research and it seems to be that people that have the various models of Starcraft Antigua really love them. They like the "high-end" feel to them, like the tent material on the hybrid we're looking at, like that it's not the older "country kitchen" decor feel, like the construction, and there doesn't seem to be too many problems with them.

I will be posting back for more help in the coming days/weeks/months as this is our first camper. I had two camping experiences when I was younger (in my 20's) that were complete disasters and had a miserable time. Turned me off of camping completely. Wife has fond memories from her childhood. We want to give our 10 year old son some of those good memories. I'm handy and willing to learn and get my hands dirty, I just have no clue about renting camp sites, hooking up, sewage, dry camping (probably not until we get more experience), etc.

We're in a great area because we can get to some decent places close to home. We're in lower Delaware about in the middle of the Delmarva Peninsula, so places like Chincoteague, Cherry Stone, Assateague, etc are all withing an hour or two.

Thanks in advance!


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Jul 5, 2011
Macomb County Michigan
Early hybrids had a problem with leakage around the front bunk. Look at the floor below the bunk for any soft spots. If you do buy it, I would spend the extra $$ for the load leveling hitch. My TT has a GVWR of 4800, and my Durango V-6 has a capacity of 6500#. The car sags pretty good when the trailer is first put on (before the load leveler kicks in). With the WDH, it hardly sags at all.


May 26, 2015
Well shoot...

Plastics were cracked/broken/missing (speaker covers, cover plates inside, bath vent popup gone, shower skylight looked rough), ceiling had soft spots/bubbles, newer vinyl flooring laid down on top of old, soft floor from kitchen all the way to front...

Hard pass, but we're still looking. Thanks for the advice Eoleson!


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Nov 26, 2013
welcome back - hope you find a good camper. We also like to camp on the Delmarva - Chincoteague is one of our favorites.