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Apr 8, 2019
Central Florida
I read a lot of posts about leveling front to back with the tongue wheel. Doesn't that only work if the front is lower than the back to start with, so the tongue wheel can raise it up? I have the opposite problem in my driveway - tail end sinks down. What do I do for that? This is only a driveway problem, but I need to keep it in the driveway from time to time for cleaning, measuring, packing and unpacking, etc. Thanks for any advice.


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
A lot depends on how steep the slope is. In your situation you need to raise the camper wheels by riding up on blocks. I use something called lynx levelers. Think large Lego blocks big enough for a camper wheel but you can also use wood. You will need to raise both camper wheels so you can hopefully use you tongue to lower the front down enough to level the camper.


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Dec 22, 2002
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I've had a campsite or two where I would have the tongue jack down as far as it would go before the camper was level. As stated above, using Lynx Levelers is your best bet and since they are individual blocks, you and stack the to different heights on either side to get the camper leveled side to side as well. And if you ever have the opposite problem where the tongue jack is fully extended but you're still not level, you can also stack the Lynx Levelers under the tongue jack. In fact, I always to that just to limit the amount of cranking I need to do with the tongue jack.

Note: In my case, I use a flat bottom tongue jack, not a wheel. There is a block they sell called a "Chock R' Dock" that will hold the wheel of a tongue jack.


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Jan 27, 2013
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I have a steeply sloped driveway, so I have learned a few things...

You can back down to within a foot or two of where you want to park, and then put a set of these behind the tires and back up the last foot. This will raise the back of the trailer in stages, and can also be tweaked for side to side leveling. You would need to chock the tongue jack wheel (or foot) also before disconnecting. This might not be safe if the driveway is too steep though, as there is a possibility that the trailer could roll downhill backward off the ramps (or Lynx blocks) when you disconnect from the TV. Also, it is critical to use the stabilizers after disconnecting to prevent the trailer from tipping when someone goes to the downhill side of the trailer...

Another option depending on the slope, length, and width of the driveway is to pull straight down in as far as possible, chock the wheels and disconnect the TV, pull the TV forward and then back around and out. Your tongue jack can then be used to level. If you still need more height, you can remove the wheel and use a tongue jack foot extension like this from Amazon. I use this one, but there are many others to choose from...

A bonus to the yellow ramps is that you can carry one of them and two small yellow plastic chocks (Amazon) with you to the campgrounds and you will not need any other device or system for side to side leveling of a single axle trailer.
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