Newbies at Camping - Just bought 1999 Coleman Niagara

Discussion in 'First Time & New Camper Owners' started by karanita, Oct 11, 2013.

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    Sep 30, 2013
    Me and the family are very new at the camping thing. We are a family of 5 with a 12, 10, and 5 year old (ALL BOYS), and want to make camping a part of their memories. We just purchased a 1999 Coleman Niagara at a steal($800) that had been sitting for years and the original owners only used a handful of times. It has all the bells and whistles, which we are so happy with, the inside still looks brand new and the outside needed a good washing. Seeing that it had been sitting, there was a mouse problem, so right now, it is at the RV shop and waiting to get a new Canvas (hence, paying a dirt cheap price to the original owner). We are a little concerned that the top of the camper dips a little, but there are no cracks or anything that we noticed. So hope that is ok. We are in Wisconsin, so I am sure that our first official camping trip with the new pop-up will not be until next year. Seeing that it is in the shop, can anyone tell me if it is beneficial to have them run through everything and make sure everything works (air-conditioner, stove, furnace, water valves, shower, etc) or is that something fairly simple that we can figure out ourselves and save the $? Also, I think one of rodents had a field day with one of the mattresses, so I am wondering where is the best online site to get a replacement mattress or cover? I am really happy with the camper, just hope that we are not investing more into it than what we should. And thinking ahead, where can I get a list of what to keep stocked in the camper? I want to make sure I am prepared as most I can, particularly due to the kids. I am so excited! I will post pictures eventually when we get it out of the shop. Any advice for us as new campers is greatly appreciated! [CP] [HY]
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    Welcome from Michigan!
    Start here:

    It can't hurt to have the dealer look over the mechanicals (except the wallet [:D] )
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    RE : the mattress covers . Funny you should mention it , i was just looking too .
    My Email to Canvasreplacements -
    Dear canvasreplacements,

    Hi girls & guys.
    I have a 2005 Fleetwood Colonial ( Americana Series)
    I need new mattress covers .
    The King is 77" x 70" & the double is 77" x 48" ( from the brochure)
    Do you sell these items or do you know who might if you don't ? Thanks

    Their response-

    yes 160.00 for the set and you can call for color choices thanks c&r
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    Aug 27, 2010
    Camp Driveway to test everything so you know how it works. Congratulations. [8D]
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    Welcome from a former Wisconsin resident (Eau Claire) who now lives in the great Pacific Northwest.

    Do some reading here. There are many, many threads about everything you mentioned. Then set the camper up and check all of the systems yourself. The dealer would probably charge you somewhere around $100 an hour.
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    Hello And Welcome From "Central Central Ohio"!!!
    Hope You And Your Enjoy and Have With Your New Pup!!!
    Keep On Camping!!!
    [%] [%] [%] [%]
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    We bought a 95 Coleman Utah with the same mouse problem on the beds. We took the covers off and washed them and patched the holes, there were only a couple holes in each. We bought a mattress topper from Walmart, by far the cheapest option and actually very comfortable. You'll have to trim it a little to size. They also came with a cover, not a real durable one though. We're very happy with how it turned out. Now hopefully I plugged all the holes so mice can't get in again. Here's the link to the topper we used.

    If this link doesn't work it's called Spa Sensations 4" memory foam topper. Good luck.
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    Mouse problem..... Always fun!
    I had similar in my last camper. They had burrowed in the matress in about five places. I was repairing it all myself and didn't want the repair to look bad. I ended up pulling the foam out of the cover, using a hot knife I cut the damaged spots out to be square holes. I then found a store in MN called "Foam and More" while I was driving to a training class. Yeah, I couldn't believe there was such a place. I brought in a sample of my foam and they found the same density and cut it to the exact thickness I needed. I then cut a corner off the exisiting foam to patch the holes I cut out earlier and used the new foam to patch the corner I stole the patching foam from. This fixed the foam damage without replaceing the entire thing. Foam gets expensive fast and to find the right one, just sucks.

    For the cover, I found out the back of the seats have the same material. I cut a swath off the back of a seat and patched it with canvas. It's hidden so I didn't care about matching it. I then used canvas glue and glued patches on the matress covers to cover the mouse holes. It turned out pretty nice. Just got carried away with glue on one spot but other than that the patches blended in nicely.

    Now with all that said. Where in WI are you located. I am on the border of MN and Wi and have a 1997 Coleman I am parting out and have the beds and matresses available if you need.

    Have fun and Happy Camping.
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    [:D] Welcome from Connecticut. Happy and safe camping, enjoy and have fun. Glad you sopped by PopUpPortal. [CP]

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