Niagara Falls Canada... any suggetions...

Jun 14, 2010
Any suggestions for NIAGARA FALLS (Canada side)... planning on taking the family next week and still have not booked anything... getting lots of conflicting reviews on campgrounds close to the Falls..
Thanks for any info you can provide!


Dec 12, 2007
We were looking at the Yogi Bear campground on the Canadian side for this summer. Little league baseball games changed our plans. I have not been there, but the reviews I read were positive.


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Nov 1, 2007
Brampton, Ontario
Much as I'd love you to spend more time in Canada, I think you are better off staying in a State Park on the NY side of the border.

There just aren't any decent Ontario Provincial parks nearby. The Jellistone park can be seen from the highway, so it isn't going to be quiet. I know there was a rally at a park on the US side and the campers there loved it. Just look in the Rally threads.

There have been other threads here about the same topic, you should find them with a search



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Sep 7, 2003
Southern Ontario, Canada
We go to the Yogi Bear campsite all the time. My son just loves it! It's a bit noisy with the hiway, but hey, it's near the falls. Anyway, it's clean and there's lots to do for the kids and it's close to the falls....
Jun 14, 2010
Thanks for the info... I was looking at Yogi Bear... but on the map the sites look REALLY close together! I'm all for the kids having fun but I don't want to listen the people in the camper next to me... actually, I don't think would want to listen to me... I snore really bad [:D]

Did you experience lots of noise from your neighbors or smoke from the fire? I expect some but when looking at the map, it looks like a huge issue (at least for me it would be).

Thanks again for all of your input!!!


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Aug 20, 2008
SW Ontario, Canada
I've been to the KOA. They claim to be the closest campground to the falls.

They are also really close to the train tracks (runs right along the back side of their property). It's pretty open concept too, nice for a house, lousy for camping.

The weekend I went, It poured rain, and I mean it poured. The campground was packed with a baseball tourny. (So there was a lot of drunks and stupidity going around)---I travel 150km (100 miles) and two of the ball teams are from where I'm from, so I knew most of them. It would of been ok, but I had my kids with me.

I'm not a private campground type of person. I don't like camping in open fields, I don't want a water hook up, nor sewer dump at my site. I don't want wi-fi, coin operated video games or extensive snack bar.

Depending on what you want. It's passable. To me, it's a cheap "hotel" room for crashing at night when at the Falls.


sure - that's fine
Sep 7, 2003
Southern Ontario, Canada
For sure, we find Yogi Bear noisy (road and neighbours), but not that bad. It's not a party place, but more a family place, so most of the noise in my opionion is the QEW. Yes, it is open concept and packed in, but that has not been a problem for us. Mostly we go there for our 7yo son, so the other stuff is minor. He loves it there.

The activities are good, but some you pay a small amout for and the staff is great. Bathrooms are clean for the most part. It's a well run operation in my opinion.


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Aug 10, 2009
I can't make any campground recommendations, but we did go there last summer and stayed on the Canadian side. Everyone I talked to said that the Canadian side is much nicer and I agree.

Friends of ours had gone the year before and stayed on the US side and wound up spending most of their time on the Canadian side. They said that it was a pain to keep crossing over. We could see the main bridge from our hotel, and it was packed with cars all day long trying to get across.
Apr 27, 2010
We just came back...

You absolutely have to stay at the Four Mile Creek Campground. It was the most beautiful place. The sites are grass. The place is spotless. You get free parking at all New York State Parks. That saves you $10. The New York side was beautiful. From the Canadian side you can see the falls better but from the New York Side you can stand right next to them. It is also a few dollars cheaper to ride the Maid of the Mist from the New York Side. The Canadian side just didn't look as nice. Just make sure that you ignore all the signs (and people) for parking and drive into the State Park where the parking is free.

If you are going to stay at Four Mill Creek Campground stay at Site 240 if you can. It was quite shady with a great view of Lake Ontario and the beautiful sunsets. It was recommended to me to stay at Site 222 which I did but it wasn't as shady and the fire ring was quite a distance from where we set up. Just make sure you stay on the Lake side. It was beautiful.

Have a great time...