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Discussion in 'New Jersey' started by Tied, Aug 13, 2013.

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    Aug 13, 2013
    Just spent time at Ocean View Resort (first time ever there) with '97 Coleman Niagara 8/13/2013. Found it to be primarily seasonal. Asked for a pull through when we got there and they bent over backwards to help us out (wife still nervous about backing in) even though we had just checked into a back-in. Very Clean. Store prices reasonable. Rates high at $68/night (water/sewer/electric). Campground was very clean. Only my wife and I went, so no comments from the kids. Quiet time was strictly enforced. 5 minute coin shower (25 cents) lasted about 8 minutes. Sites seemed roomy to us compared to some others. Pool big, but not huge. Lake was nice, with a little beach. Wi-fi (yeah, I know) was poor (sudden slow downs and connections only last an hour before you have to re-accept; hard to stream a movie while listening to the rain fall on Friday). Lot we had was very level. Garbage and re-cycling dumpsters kept empty.
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