Not so peaceful night


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Sep 29, 2007
Calgary, AB Canada
We were signed up for a volunteer work project last Sunday. The work place was a 2.5 hour drive from home. Rather than get up really early, we decided we would take the pup down on Saturday, explore the area, have a nice campout and enjoy a leisurely morning.

The drive down was lovely, lots of mountain views and scenic streams. The rain stopped as we arrived at the campground so we didn't even get wet setting up. We got the prime camping spot - overlooking the creek, on the outside of the bend so no neighbours, right across from the outhouse. The sunset, stars and moon were all very picturesque.

DH went to chat with the campground hosts to see how busy the place is in summer. It looks to be a great spot to come back to. In the course of their chat the topic of bears came up and the hosts said they hadn't had any bears in the campground.

Well I guess that was a bit of a jinx. I admit we were negligent/lazy/forgetful and left our cooler on the picnic table when we went to bed. We were woken to the sound of a crash. My husband got to the door first and was time to see the backside of a bear running off and the cooler upended on the ground. We went out, cleaned up (all but 2 broken eggs we couldnt pick up) and loaded the cooler and campstove into the cab of the truck and put our wooden kitchen box into the box. Oh, and got the bear spray OUT of the truck!

Back to bed, and eventually to sleep again. I awoke again to a barely heard sound that I could only guess to be the sound of something licking up broken egg. Then there was another sound that made me open the bunkend window. By the light of the moon I could see the bear up in the box of the truck checking out the kitchen box. I turned on a flashlight and looked right at me. I dont know how big it was or if it was a grizzly or black, all I know is it looked big! DH went out with bear spray but by the time he was out it was gone and he didnt even see it. I was amazed at how silent it was. DH moved the kitchen box into the cab and we did eventually get to sleep ( although I will admit that I curled myself up and away from the tenting as much as I could!)

Next morning, the only evidence you could see was a clean spot on the side of the truck where it'd rubbed the mud away climbing up and down and one muddy footprint on the front fender.

Lesson learned, we will be packing everything away in the future!


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Jun 5, 2014
Sounds like good times!

I would suggest you advise the husband to stay in the trailer next time. What was he thinking going outside to confront a bear?

Grn Mtn

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Jul 3, 2012
There is one campground we frequent that has a very bold raccoon population. They will even drag your cooler onto the woods to work on later, if it is too hard to open immediately. We keep a very clean camp, but it does serve as a reminder when you walk by a campsite strewn with wrappers and debris. I grew up in MT and have a very healthy respect for all bears.