NTM 1996 Jayco 1207KB - First setup

Discussion in 'First Time & New Camper Owners' started by OlyUSMC, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Oct 10, 2018
    This is my new PUP and the first time I have had it up since purchasing. Brand new canvas last year, rear wood replacement, and tender loving care from the previous owners made me jump at this one being my first.

    I have lots to do....Bulb swaps for LED's, minor maintenance like gluing the counter top edge stripping in place better, maybe a paint job, oh, and definitely the reflectix in the windows....

    I was only able to have it up for a portion of the day before rain threatened, so I really only got to see that the interior lights worked on battery and that everything looks and feels sound.

    Next week shows 3 days of no rain so I will put it up and go through all the systems. The battery works, but is not a deep cycle, so that will be replaced. I filled the propane up so will be ready to test the stove and furnace. Thinking of upgrading the tank to the larger size.

    I have lots of questions about the water hold system and grey water storage (or lack of, I have not peeked). The simple push handle faucet is not familiar to me, so I need to dig in.

    I mailed my paperwork in to WA State for the Disabled Veteran's Pass which gives me free camping in State parks. I was curious, so I called yesterday and asked about Twin Harbors where I plan to spend a lot of time. Ranger assured me that my RV camping in State parks is free, even full hook-ups, so I am very excited. I plan on doing a lot of mid-week get-aways.

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