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    We stayed at this campground from 8/13 to 8/16 (Friday to Monday) while going to my nephew's wedding. Here's a review.

    LOCATION: 20 minutes from Geneva, a town on Lake Seneca in the Finger Lakes. The campground is right on the Erie Canal, not far from one of the locks. it's about 10-15 minutes from the nearest Thruway exits but about a mile away from the actual highway as the crow flies.
    ATMOSPHERE: Rustic. Located near Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge, the main clientele are seasonals, hunters, and fishermen. You can dock your boat here, in fact some sites have a dock of their own. It's a pretty quiet place, though you can hear the Thruway in the background, but not loud enough to affect sleeping. We had an osprey nest across the street from our site on a power pole, which was pretty neat, though the fledglings would be up at 530am looking for food, an unusual wakeup call! Other sites farther away wouldn't have this problem, but being nature lovers we didn't mind. The campsite is immediately adjacent wetlands, so the ground is a bit soft, and there are a fair number of skeeters (kind of like the woods in NH).
    SITES: Some sites are wide open in a field, but are right on the canal. Our site wasn't right on the canal, but was shaded. It was not level - in fact it was our second site choice as we couldn't level the PUP at our first choice - but it was level enough, using the BAL Leveller and taking the nose wheel off the drop post. They almost all have water and electric (20 amp). The well water tastes awful - salty and perhaps sulpherous. Bad enough tasting where I used it to brush my teeth and that was about all. I think I'll invest in a filter one of these days. The sites are fairly standard size, about 30 feet wide and around 50 deep in most places. Some are bigger to accommodate bigger rigs.
    FACILITIES: The toilets were composting. 3-holers. Didn't use them since we had our own, and I was kinda glad. The showers were in a separate building, fairly clean and large.
    QUIET HOURS: There were quiet hours posted, but we did have a problem one night with some guys talking fairly loud down the block and didn't have anyone to tell about it. But they were there all weekend and that happened only one night (our first, Friday), and it stopped after I heard a car pull up, so maybe they were warned. The ospreys ignored the quiet hours in the morning too. :) I later found an emergency number I suppose we could have called. They quieted down around midnight that night, while quiet hours start 10pm. The rest of the weekend was fine.

    Overall impressions: it was different for sure. They have a little store there, the people were nice. You could watch boats on the Erie Canal. We wished my son would have had time to fish as the area was supposed to be the best bass fishing in NY State. It was cheap, not a bad thing. Would I recommend the place? Sure, if you don't mind a rustic place, and especially if you have your own toilet and shower facilities, and a water filter. If not, and clean and modern bathrooms are your thing with perfect water, I wouldn't recommend Oak Orchard. I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5 rating. You could do worse.

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