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    Oka, National(Provincial) park located near the town of Oka.

    Two options for getting there, bridge or Ferry. I always take the Ferry, not that its any faster but its a nostalgia thing. When I was a kid we'd go and they used a barge with two wooden motorboats that pulled it. Was quite the event to see. Now however it is a normal ferry and not all that exciting.

    The staff are very friendly, helpful and most have pretty decent English. You're hard pressed to find staff that don't atleast have basic conversational english.

    The park is extremely well kept every time we've been there with the exception of some of the bathrooms during busy weekends. Its a big park and the staff aren't always able to keep up. I know the RV only sections are always super clean.

    They have a section of Yurts, and cabins which are pretty nice actually, i didn't look too much into cost as thats not my cup of tea.

    The beach is excellent and has canoes, kayaks, paddleboards for rent as well as a decent restaurant right on the water.

    As for the camp sections the two favourites I have are La crete and les dunes. De l'anse and le meandre are decent backups but le refuge in my opinion is terrible. Its just all gigantic RV mansions and no privacy between sites.

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