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Nov 5, 2019
Hello. I'm 78 yrs old and have done a lot of traveling up until last 15 yrs. Tent camping,
pop up (old Cox ) not fancy, but we loved it.
Dodge Travco MH, lived on 42' sailboat for 7 yrs. and traveled on other boats also.
So, I am use to and enjoy small spaces.
Have another Travco I've been restoring but realize it's too big for me. Have a Toyota FZJ80 that I was going to set up for traveling and living in, but feel that's too small and with less of the comforts I would require. Thought towing overland trailer with Land Cruiser would be great but prices on these units are way out of my budget.
Joined this site to get ideas on pop up conversions, etc. There seems to be a ton of info here, of which I am grateful.
I have returned to the town on Long Island, NY, that I grew up in and am presently residing here.
On my bucket list is to hitch Land Cruiser to pop up and get out of Dodge, travel, visit family and friends and parts of USA I've not been to


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Oct 10, 2013
Northern Virginia
Welcome from northern Virginia. I have friends who went the route of a motor home to travel and essentially become full timers. I can see how that will be very limiting though for you and like you say too big. One of the reasons I love a popup is it’s easy to travel with it, however a traditional popup can be limiting too. Especially in the winter. Then again you can always go to warmer states then. One thing I recently discovered with my popup is if you are injured it can be extremely difficult to impossible to setup/close down camp by yourself. Times like that and the fact I hate setting up in the rain made me wish I had a hard sided camper. To each their own.


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Oct 15, 2006
Dukes, Fl
Welcome from Dukes Fl. Hang in there with the plan, a lot of us are not getting any younger :) Good Luck on the trip and keep on camping


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May 1, 2013
Bristol, Pa

There's a few trailers out there that are smaller and would compliment your Land Cruiser, but small doesn't necessarily include many luxuries. Most of these can be overcome with a bit of work.. except more space of course. ;)

Take a look at Fleetwood Neon, Livin Lite 6.0, Coleman Colorado, Kamparoo if a single bed and stove inside aren't required.

Dan from Troup

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Apr 25, 2018
Troup, Texas
DB35C336-56AC-4DB7-9E60-FDDAE95ECC53.jpeg Hey old guy from another old guy (nearly 70). You’ve lived in some interesting things and I have too. Lived in a Ford Econoline van in Santa Cruz, Ca. on the beach for a year. We love our pop up, a 15 year old Starcraft that I’ve been slowly restoring. For me, I could live in this full time in Texas because of our mild winters. Just came back from a camping trip in Oklahoma and it got down to freezing and was able to keep it at 65 inside all night long with a small electric heater. Ours has a bath and shower too so it has everything one would need to live-in full time if needed or desired. Our new kitchen tent can now extend our camping season all winter for our outdoor cooking and dining to get out of the rain or cold wind. Along with a a Buddy propane heater we were toasty warm in the frigid temps and made my wife a very happy camper.
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