OOOH Fellow Geocachers!

Sep 17, 2009
My family and the family of a close friend have teamed up to form "9fishes" on We started Geocaching back in June or July but have known about it for a while. We are all hooked...especially the adults! Since we just got our new-2-us pup we are excited that we will be taking it for an adults only maiden voyage to Potter Co, PA for a 4 county 24 cache mini marathon. We are trying to complete the Allegheny Geotrail before the end of the year and these are our last four counties ( Next stop, New York Finger Lakes for the Sojourner Geocoin! Like I said, we're addicted!


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Island Ranger

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Aug 14, 2006
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I guess this is a modern version following a trail by the clues etc, sounds really interesting & enjoyable & a great tool for learning different things. I may even look up GPS units in the UK


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Sep 1, 2009
NYcamper said:
What GPS units do you recommend? I am interested in starting this and want to get a good one for a family xmas present.

As with most things in life... depends on how much you want to spend....
I purchased the geomate Jr for the kids and honeslty can not say enough good things about it.

Also check out there are good resources/reviews there about several units.


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May 18, 2008
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Thanks for the info, the link had a great little video of how the kids use it. Thanks. I will pass the info onto DH. He is the gadget shopping guy! Dont want to take away any of the joy!